What does the CAA mean for schools and nurseries?

You can check safety and quality in less than 10 seconds saving you time and giving you peace of mind

As a school or nursery, your dedication to enrich and improve the lives of the children in your care will be evident in everything you do with your team of professionals.   And you will want to supplement your team with an equally high standard of providers to deliver additional activities.

But how do you easily ensure that these providers have all the necessary safety provisions alongside quality activities developed and delivered by appropriately qualified people?

Doing all this necessary vetting is time consuming for everyone.

Wouldn't it be a relief if there was a way to check every aspect of the compliance, programme, delivery, training and customer service that only took 10 seconds?

Adopting the CAA accreditation as your standard to ensure that all the providers given the opportunity to work on your premises with the children in you care will save you significant time and give you the peace of mind that all necessary checks have been made.

When sourcing a new provider, we recommend you check that they are a CAA member and whether they are Fully Accredited by the CAA.  It really is as easy as that!

Find out more about CAA accreditation and how it can easily tell you if a provider has a safe and quality programme.

Why can you rely on the CAA?

The Children's Activities Association (CAA) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company set up by leading providers and experts in the children's activities sector. 

Prior to the CAA there were NO independent standard for all organised children's activities. 

The CAA has introduced these standards with the first independent accreditation alongside many more initiatives to improve the children's activities sector to benefit parents, schools, nurseries and the professionals that provide children's activities in the UK.

Find out more about the CAA here and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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